Az Jackson Is Considered To Be One Of The Pioneers Of

The Next Generation Of Great Photographers

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With his highly detailed signature style of photography, Az Jackson captures artworks of iconic city skylines and amazing natural landscapes from around the world.

Az Jackson is self-taught as a photographer and his artworks are now collected in over 20 countries around the world. Over the past 4 years he has dominated major international photography competitions achieving 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing’s and over 100 gold, silver and bronze awards in landscape, cityscape, architecture, travel and abstract categories.

My Beginnings…

I began my journey before I ever thought of becoming a photographer, when I was just a kid, camping, bush walking and exploring in the wilderness of outback Australia but that desire to explore transformed as I grew older.

As a result of having less exploration opportunities within the city environment, I had to become more creative in how I tell my stories.

“Why is there so much hardship in the world?”

Has been my ongoing curiosity and I have dedicated my life to do something about it and promote positive change for humanity. I have discovered that the unique combination of creating inspiring art and connecting that with the human spirit is not only satisfying to me personally but working this way helps create positive vibrations for the planet.

Having a deep understanding of humanity is particularly handy when I go out to shoot because ultimately I like to engage people’s positive emotions through the use of light, color and shape to help reconnect them on a subliminal level to Mother Nature, each other and the world around us in the hope to improve the overall quality of life.

With this in mind I aim to convey a sense of relationship between the viewer and the scene in front of me, not just on a physical level, but in a more intuitive, Metaphysical way so that you can feel yourself as part of the scene when viewing the artwork.

Having studied in many different fields such as Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design and Business Entrepreneurship, Az Jackson draws his inspiration from many sources including the masters Ansell Adams and Alfred Steiglitz, current Aussie panoramic shooters like Peter Lik and Ken Duncan and many different amateur photographers as he feels we all have something to offer.

Expanding on his love of design he’s also into futurism and rates the designs and pioneering work of Jacques Fresco who created the Venus Project as something we should all consider looking into for the positive evolution of the human race.

I would like my friends, lovers and appreciators to come on a journey with me and explore the wonder and magic of life through my lens as I take you to the most beautiful cities and explore the amazing wonders of nature from around the world.

Happy travels,

Az Jackson